Friday, May 4, 2012

Transformers Bumblebee Camaro Cake!

 Hello! My first blog in a while..

I found this cake really really difficult. I had done a Lightning McQueen car cake before and I thought, being a car cake it would be similar! Boy was I wrong!

The shape was hard to get! I think with Lightning McQueen it was easy to make it look close to the character because there was so many features that made it lightning! However, with 'real' car cakes like this.. it's all about getting the shape right!  

It was really hard! I struggled trying to get it right and still in the end, I'm not overly satisfied with the result! 

I think the cake turned out more cute than anything! 

Oh well.. now I know for next time! I think that's the beauty of cake decorating, we keep on learning from every cake we do! 

To leave you, here is a picture of Buddy from Cake's Boss 'Bumblebee Camaro Cake' .. simply unbelievable!!!! 

Every cake decorator hopes to be as good as him some day! =)