Saturday, June 12, 2010

First attempt at a wedding cake!!!

This is my very first attempt at a wedding cake. This is all dummy cake. Things I need to work on is my quilting, I have to learn how to make them meet in line.. and my roses need some more practicing.. I haven't done roses since I first learnt them last year. So I had to google 'how to make sugar roses' to refresh my memory. Cake Journal has a very good tutorial in case any of you want to learn.

I've been asked to do a few wedding cakes, but I've turned them down. It's flattering to know people think my cakes and skills are good enough for their weddings.. But personally I think I need to work on my skills a bit more before I put 'Wedding Cakes' on the products list.
Anyhow, I have till July 22nd to toughen up my skills for my first Wedding Cake! Wish me luck guys! I'm going to need it.

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